Off to Sight Seattle

Todd (my boyfriend for all you strangers out there) travels for work occasionally and every chance that I can, I tag along. When he mentioned his travel plans a few months ago, Seattle was in the mix. I immediately began daydreaming of the visit; walking around in low hanging clouds, drinking so much coffee that strangers silently judge my caffeine-induced tremor, frowning at the suckers who use umbrellas to blend in with the locals, and locating Mark Sloan’s final resting place so that I can mourn him appropriately. (Think Kim K crying face but uglier.) The city speaks to me in the same tone Meredith does to Derek in season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy.

seattle 2


My favorite part about traveling with Todd for business is that while he works, I play. During this 4 day trip, I have two full days to spend exploring a new city on my own, and I intend to fill it with the most disgustingly touristy activities one can:

  1. Seattle’s Public Transit: Let’s see what it’s like to be car free in another city. I hear the public transit in Seattle is awful so it may be the only thing on this list I manage to accomplish.
  2. Pike Place Market: Word on the street is it’s the holy grail of free samples and I fully intend to abuse this privilege. My main concern is karma immediately teaching me a lesson on gluttony by slapping me in the face by a flying fish.
  3. Gum Wall: Todd is repulsed by gum, so I plan to go and send him no less than 5 Snapchats: one of me holding a pack of gum in front of the wall, one of me chewing the gum in front of the wall, one of me blowing a bubble in front of the wall, one of me placing my chewed gum on the wall and one of me picking a new piece to chew in exchange. Lied about that last one, but not about the first 4. On that note, I need to remember to pack my selfie stick.
  4. Coffee: Self explanatory. Gimme that classic, Seattle-style sludge and throw some heavy whipping cream and sugar free sweetener in that bad boy.
  5. Explore Downtown: Also self explanatory. I plan on doing a lot of sighing and saying, “Wow, look at that view,” or “Wow, this is so Seattle,” to anyone within earshot.
  6. Space Needle: Duh. Though I won’t be doing this one on my own because Todd would be the saddest.
  7. Rain: I swear, if I don’t get rained on, the trip will be pointless. POINTLESS. In fact, I hereby declare that if I don’t get rained on by the end of the trip, I’ll take the first flight back to Chicago.

I’m looking forward to chronicling my trip with ‘gram-worthy photos and eventually, a candid review on the experience. We’ll also be seeing a good friend over the weekend, which I’m very anticipating.


Disclaimer: If I’m forgetting any pertinent tourist traps — looking at you, Seattle lovers — you tell me and you tell me now.

5 thoughts on “Off to Sight Seattle

  1. I once stayed in the UW dorms for a night. It was horrifying and precisely what you’d expect from a male dorm in the summer but you know. It’s an experience. And it’s in Seattle. So.

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