10 things you may not know about me, but now you do

One of the greatest strengths we’re all equipped with is introspection. It increases mindfulness and builds your emotional maturity. I tend to take outward observations made by friends, coworkers, strangers and my dog, and store them in a spot to reflect on later.

Welp, I reflected.

I figured it may be helpful to have a christineinchicago starting point, so here it is – the post with the intended purpose of getting to know the person behind the keyboard. I’m sure it’s been eating you alive, not knowing every bit of my neuroses so that you can 102% understand where I’m coming from. Worry not, dear reader! Below I open up my weirdness to you in hopes that you return the favor.


  1. My table manners are atrocious. I fart at the dinner table. My elbows consider the top of the table home. I also like belching and have an impressive vibrato. If you’re unfortunate enough to be eating near me, know that I’ll probably ask you for another napkin because I’ll need it. I’m not allowed to wear white for the same reason Todd winces when I try to eat anything without a plate. (He claims that last sentence makes him sound like an old english nanny.) I am a glaring example of what happens when you don’t send your kid to etiquette or cotillion class at a young age.
  2. I can’t stay awake during a movie to save my life. It doesn’t matter what genre. Turn on a movie and there’s a 93% chance you’ll hear snores at some point. But Christine, you’re supposed to be a movie loving theatre nerd! Well, what can I say? I’m a sleep loving theatre nerd instead. My proudest moment was the first time I went out with my coworkers to see a late showing of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I fell victim to the boringness of the movie and the entire theatre found a fantastic beast that night. It was me. Snoring.
  3. I’m a hideous sleeper. You know Sleeping Beauty and how she wakes up from true love’s first kiss with perfect hair, complexion and clothing? I am the opposite. I wake up sweaty, smelly, drooly and there’s a very good chance I’ll have stolen your pillow at some point in the night. I grind my teeth so bad, I’m lucky I still have them all. My version of true love’s first kiss is my dog trying to steal my mouthguard directly from my mouth. Super romantic stuff.
  4. I’m not a hugger. I spent 10 years of my life in Minnesota and what’s looming over every gathering is a dark, ominous cloud. The Minnesota Goodbye. It’s a culmination of my two least favorite things: hugging people (or simply just touching them in general) and forced small talk because what better time to ask someone how they’re liking their recent major life changes than when you’re saying goodbye to them? That’s not to say I don’t hug. Here’s a short list exceptions to this rule: parents, boyfriend, siblings and best friends (but only sometimes – don’t want them to think I like them too much,) and every single dog I will ever meet in existence. If you don’t fall under one of those 5 categories, please don’t spread your arms and walk towards me.giphy (5)
  5. I love ice cream. On a spiritual level. Some people have their higher powers, I have ice cream. If there was a diet that existed that proved health benefits from the sole the consumption of ice cream, I’d be a dedicated follower. Until that day comes, I’ll continue to shove copious amounts of Halo Top and Enlightened into my mouth with no regard for manners.
  6. I have anxiety and panic attacks. This is not nearly as fun as my love for ice cream, but is a harsh reality that I have been blessed with with. I’ve spent so much of my life rationalizing these feelings and pretending that they don’t affect others, but they do. It seems weird that one would need to come out about their mental health on social media, but that’s just what I did and it was empowering. On that note, it’s surprising and disappointing how much time we spend convincing social media that everything in our lives are perfect. I assure you, mine are not. But I’m working on them and that’s more progress than I’ve made in years.
  7. I am the pun queen. You may think this would be a paragraph where I write only in puns. That would be too easy. I am the unofficial ruler of the Punderworld, so prepare for wordplay that will leave you feeling disappointed.
  8. I kiss my dog straight on the lips. I am her mother and I will kiss her! Those who say dogs don’t have lips, think again. I just Googled “Do Dogs Have Lips?” to prove it. Look at these kissable lips!IMG_0103
  9. I’m midwestern AF. I grew up in St. Louis, went to high school and college in Minnesota and moved to Chicago 4 years ago. My favorite pastime is eating. Ranch dressing is my ketchup. I apologize for everything. I wait in line just like I’m supposed to and am polite to strangers. I have a real weakness for cookies and bars, hotdish, and pretty much anything on a stick, but even so, don’t have the capacity to commit the midwestern cardinal sin – I will never take the last serving.
  10. I enjoy doing things alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love human interaction as I am a social creature. However, I need my alone time and probably more of it than the average Joe. Exploring new cities, road trips, eating lunch, and adventuring in general are all times I really enjoy my alone time. Scared of it? Try it sometime. You’ll probably surprise yourself.

The great part of getting this all written down is for anyone wants to get to know me, I can send them the link to this post.

Since beginning blogging, I’ve found it difficult to connect with bloggers with similar voices. I’m part of a lot of Facebook Groups and enjoy them, but they’re lacking a level of pizazz I’m looking for in a blog support group. Since this was an issue for me, I decided to go rogue and made my own Sassy & Supportive Bloggers group literally 20 minutes ago.

You can check my Facebook blogging support group out here.

Please join me in this group adventure! Especially if you like to blog, laugh and be a dummy.

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