Minimize Your Closet in One Week

It’s almost February and with a sigh of great relief, my month of financial focus is soon coming to a close. I still have a few January posts up my sleeve, including an interview with a real life Financial Advisor and a breakdown of what I learned during my first month of budgeting. Prepare for a lot of information!

As I’m discovering, it’s important to plan the following month before it starts to ensure what I want to happen actually does. With that, I am onto focusing on and planning my February Resolution: Minimalism.

While researching minimalism and the mission behind it, I found this quote that’s the perfect mission statement for my entire year:

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.”

― Nathan W. Morris

To be honest, I wish I would have swapped the order of January and February because since I settled on minimizing, I’ve itching to get rid of everything. Well, that and I would have loved another month of frivolous spending.

Just last week, I was putting my laundry away and seriously considered putting half of it into a donation bag. I will say that I was truly compelled to donate some of my clothing, giphy (11).gifbut in reality, a majority of the reason behind my desire to purge is because I’m inherently lazy, and it was the first time I was actually hanging my clothes up in over a month. I have no issues washing and drying my clothes, but the second the clothing is dry, I would be completely content living out of the dryer. Give it a quick fluff when necessary. There are things that I hate doing, like cleaning the tub, and even that takes precedence over hanging shit.

The craziest part about the scenario above is I wear the same 2 loads of laundry worth of clothing that never make it back into my closet, and yet my closet is chalked full of clothing unworn. I can only stretch the “some of it’s out of season” excuse for 25% of my closet’s contents.

This is an issue for a multitude of reasons, starting with the wooden dowel responsible for holding all of my clothing. Oh boy, he’s needs a break. Look at him. Either that, or he’s going to break. Poor guy.

Well, this is embarrassing.

My life is cluttered and messy and I hate it, and yet, I still have nothing to wear. It’s time to free myself, which I know will not be an easy road. To begin embracing the minimalistic mindset, I started listening to “The Minimalists” podcast and wow, they’re extreme. I love the advice that they give about it being different for everyone because I don’t foresee myself being perfect or finding true enlightenment living with just one (or even nothing!) of something. However, I think I could be okay being prepared to board only one of Noah’s Arks as opposed to 17 of them. Maybe I’ll even find it in my heart to upgrade to a real dresser as opposed to plastic drawer bins! One step at a time.

To keep myself on track and accountable, I’ve made a schedule for minimizing week one and it starts with my closet. Following the major closet revamp, I will be trying out a capsule wardrobe for a month to see if it’s for me. TBH, I probably wear less clothing than the recommended 38 pieces that compile a capsule, but I’m way too emotionally attached to the ~what if~ pieces in my closet. I need to stop thinking about it like that and worry about the ~what if~ when it actually becomes ~when.~

giphy (12).gif

Here’s my week one, four pile clothing minimizing plan for anyone who should choose to partake in this great purge with me. Prepare for more embarrassing photos of my shit, and maybe even an e-garage sale! After all, I’ve still got debt to pay off. (Surprisingly, that didn’t just disappear after 1 month of budgeting…)

I will be approaching the Great Closet Purge Week of 2018 with the 4 pile approach. Luckily, there’s a lot of information on the internet about this decluttering approach, which tells me this is common practice and likely an effective practice.

Separate your clothing into 4 piles.

Pile 1: Like it, no, LOVE it. Wanna wear more of it.

Pile 2: I don’t wear it, but like, I might, you know.

Pile 3: Don’t want, don’t wear, don’t care.

Pile 4: This is actually garbage.

Pile 1 goes back in the closet. Pile 2 goes in a box and gets sealed up for the next 30 days. Pile 3 gets donated (unless it’s underwear.) Pile 4 is still garbage – put it there.

Now that you know the general approach to take, let’s break each day down to smaller, more achievable goals.

Here is my One Week Closet Makeover Plan


Day One: Hanging clothing: all of the shirts


Day Two: Hanging clothing: dresses and pants

Day Three: Non-hanging clothing

Day Four: Shoes, coats, jewelry and accessories

Day Five: Socks, underwear and undergarments, oh my!

Day Six: Create inventory of what’s left in excel doc. No item goes unaccounted for.

Day Seven: Curate my Capsule wardrobe for the next 3 weeks. Include overhead of all items included and concerns/excitement.

For each day, you can anticipate a handful of before and after pictures from me, and very transparent feedback on the experience. If you’re not minimizing yourself, find inner peace in my genuine attempts!

I am hyper aware that Days 1-5 are going to be difficult. I’m emotional about things and stuff, and I need to learn how to not be. Even day seven will be challenging because style is difficult. Like, what even goes with each other? The main mission is keeping it simple, which goes hand-in-hand with what living a minimalist lifestyle is.

I hope to one day be so good at minimizing that my “one chair” only looks like this. #goals

Here’s to the next step in improving oneself!

Do you have a capsule wardrobe? I want to hear from you! Please comment below or reach out to me directly. I have 1,302 questions for you.

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