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10 things you may not know about me, but now you do

#9. I’m midwestern AF. I grew up in St. Louis, went to highschool and college in Minnesota and moved to Chicago 4 years ago. My favorite pastime is eating. Ranch dressing is my ketchup. I apologize for everything. I wait in line just like I’m supposed to and am polite to strangers. I have a real weakness for cookies and bars, hotdish, and pretty much anything on a stick, but even so, don’t have the capacity to commit the midwestern cardinal sin – I will never take the last serving.


Sunburnt in Seattle

The Gum Wall. Okay, super cool place to take a selfie but I hate to burst your bubble, it was gross. The ground, which was originally brick, was a black, soft gum-scented tar. I would not recommend going here if you suffer from vertigo – it’s the last place you’ll want to lose your balance.

Off to Sight Seattle

When Todd mentioned his travel plans a few months ago, Seattle was in the mix. I immediately began daydreaming of the visit; walking around in low hanging clouds, drinking so much coffee that strangers silently judge my caffeine-induced tremor, frowning at the suckers who use umbrellas to blend in with the locals, and locating Mark Sloan’s final resting place so that I can mourn him appropriately.